The health insurance company ‘AnderZorg’ belongs to Menzis, which is the third largest health insurer in the Netherlands. The focus of Anderzorg is mainly on younger people. They only offer healthcare insurances. In comparison to other insurance providers, AnderZorg provides a lower service level. Therefore, you can get an insurance for a very low premium.

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Basic healthcare insurance

At AnderZorg you can get one of the cheapest basic packages in the Netherlands. With this package you will be covered for, amongst others, the costs of medicines, hospital admittance and family doctor visits. Besides, you get the costs of emergency care abroad refunded.

Supplementary insurance

When only the basic package does not offer you enough coverage, you can extend this package with an additional insurance. At AnderZorg you can choose between three additional packages.

AnderZorg Young
This is a package specifically developed for students. With this additional package physiotherapy care, psychological help and the purchase of glasses or contact lenses will be refunded. In addition, the costs of dental care are reimbursed.

AnderZorg Extra
This additional insurance is ideal for families. When the parents get this insurance, their children, until the age of 17, are insured as well without any additional costs. Physical therapy, psychological support and the purchase of glasses or contact lenses will be reimbursed. Additionally, some of the costs for child care will be covered. For a complete overview of the compensations you can look at the website of AnderZorg.

AnderZorg Dental
This additional package focuses, as its name implies, on dental care. With the basic package, not a lot of the dental costs will be refunded. With this additional package, the costs of most dental treatments will be refunded. On the website of AnderZorg you can see exactly which treatments are covered.

Advantages AnderZorg

  • The premium that you have to pay is very low;
  • A choice out of many different healthcare providers;
  • Good quality of care.

Contact AnderZorg

For all the information about AnderZorg you can visit their website On this website you can fill out an online contact form on which you can ask all the questions you have. Within three working days you will receive an answer on your questions. In addition, you can chat with an employee of AnderZorg from 8.30 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday. Moreover, you can call with AnderZorg at the telephone number 0900 16 16 160 every working day from 8.30 to 17.00. You must send your declarations and other post to PO Box 1177, 7500 BD Enschede. You can also find AnderZorg on Twitter and Facebook. Their Twitter account is @AnderZorg and their Facebook account is You can find more information on the website of Anderzorg