Dutch basic healthcare insurance

On this page you can find practical information about the Dutch basic healthcare insurance (‘basisverzekering’). For example, what you need in order to apply for a Dutch healthcare insurance and what is covered with this insurance.

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When are you obliged to get a Dutch basic healthcare insurance?

Dutch citizens are obliged to have a basic healthcare insurance. A good rule to remember is that you will never be obliged to take out Dutch health insurance if the sole purpose of your stay is studying.

You, as a foreign student, are only obliged to get this insurance if you study and have a (part-time) job. If you came here for an internship, you only have to take out Dutch health insurance if you earn at least the Dutch minimum wage.

What do you need to get a Dutch basic healthcare insurance?

If you want to get a Dutch basic healthcare insurance you need a citizen service number (‘burgerservicenummer’). In order to get a citizen service number you have to go to your local town hall and register yourself as an inhabitant (‘GBA inschrijving’). This is a database with information about the residents of the Netherlands.

If you are from a non-EU country you first have to apply for a residents permit at the Immigration and Naturalization Service office (IND). In order to register as an inhabitant you need to bring the following documents:

  • A legalized and certified copy of your birth certificate;
  • A document that you can prove that you have a permanent place to live (for example a contract of the house you are renting);
  • A valid passport;

What is covered with a basic healthcare insurance?

The coverage of the basic healthcare is set by the Dutch government and the coverage is the same at all the different health insurance companies.

In short the basic healthcare insurance covers:

  • Hospital admission
  • General practitioner medical consults
  • Medical aids (limited)
  • Medication (limited)
  • Treatments by medical specialists
  • Emergency treatments abroad
  • Maternity care (limited)
  • Obstetric care (limited)
  • Transport with ambulance
  • Dental care until the age of 18 years

Choose a Dutch basic healthcare insurance

In order to make it easier for you to decide which Dutch basic healthcare insurance best suits your needs, we’ve compared all the student healthcare insurances and made a top 5 of basic healthcare insurances for you.

Obligatory Deductible Excess

The obligatory deductible excess changes every year. In 2020 this excess will be €385,-. Before your insurance policy will cover certain medical expenses, like hospital admission, a obligatory deductible excess is charged. This amount of excess is only charged once and applies only to certain medical expenses. Fortunately, the obligatory deductible excess does not apply to all types of medical care. Excempted are, for example, appointments with your general practitioner, obstetric care and maternity care.

Voluntary deductible excess

You can also choose for a voluntary deductible excess by increasing the obligatory deductible excess (€385) up to €500 to a maximum of €885,-. This will result into a lower monthly premium, although it also implies that you’ll have to pay the first € 885,- of certain medical expenses. The higher the voluntary deductible excess, the lower the premium you have to pay for your healthcare insurance.

A calculation example:
Your medical care expenses are €800, – and you have a voluntary deductible excess of €200,-. You have to pay the obligatory deductible excess of €385 and after that the deductible excess of €200,-. The healthcare insurance company will pay you €215,- of the total medical care expenses.

Collective healthcare insurance

The possibility exists that the college or university where you (plan to) study in the Netherlands made a deal with a healthcare insurance company. This means that you, as a student, can get a discount on your premium if you take a healthcare insurance at that company. Want to know more? Contact your university or college for more information.