Student car insurance

If you are planning to stay for a longer period in the Netherlands and you want to have a car, it is good to know more about the Dutch car insurance system. On this page, you can find extensive information about car insurances in the Netherlands. This information contains for example the different types of insurances, the documents needed to apply for insurance and how the insurers calculate your premium.

Types of car insurances

In the Netherlands, you can choose between three different types of car insurances. “Liability insurance” is mandatory in the Netherlands.

Liability insurance (WA):

This type of insurance covers the damage you make to a third party. Liability insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. We recommend taking this insurance when your car is older than 8 years.

Restricted comprehensive cover (WA + Beperkte casco):

This type of insurance covers damages you make to a third party but also covers damage on your own car such as theft, fire and storm. We recommend taking this insurance when your car is between 3 and 8 years old.

Comprehensive cover (WA + casco or All-risk):

This type of insurance covers, besides the coverage of restricted comprehensive, also the damage on your own car for example caused by a collision.
We recommend taking this insurance when your care is younger than 3 years.

In general, you can say that: the higher the coverage of the type of insurance, the more premium you have to pay.

Documents needed to apply for an insurance

If you want to apply for a car insurance you need the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Drivers license
  • Car registration documents

How an insurer calculates your premium?

If you want to apply for a car insurance, the insurer will calculate your premium at hand of the following data:

  • Your age
  • The number of years you drove a car without making damage.
  • The current value of your car
  • The type of insurance you choose
  • The number of deductible excess you choose

Bonus/malus system

Insurance companies have a discount system that is called a bonus/malus system. Basically, this means that they use an imaginary ladder where you can ascend a step every year if you haven’t claimed any damage at your car insurance. The higher you are on this ladder the lower your premium is going to be. If you claim damage at your car insurance, you will descend four to six steps on your ladder and your premium will increase. In the Netherlands, there is a central system that stores all the data about everyone’s position on this ladder. For that reason, it is no problem to change from an insurance company and keep your discount on your premium, because you have a certain position on the bonus/malus ladder.

Travelling outside of the Netherlands

Your insurance documents also contain a green card. This green card is proof of being insured outside of the Netherlands. On this green card is described in which countries you are covered within the car insurance. If you are travelling outside of the Netherlands, it is wise to bring this green card.
Foreign cars

It is possible to insure a foreign car but only if the car is in the process of being registered or if the car is already registered in the Netherlands. More information about registering your car in the Netherlands, you can find at the RDW (Department of Road Transport).
Compare different car insurances

Some insurers offer a special package of different types of insurances especially for students who are studying or doing their internship abroad. In general, this package offers you insurances, such as healthcare insurance, liability insurance and accident insurance. If you chose this package, you probably get a discount on your premium.