Changes healthcare insurance

The basic healthcare insurance is obligatory for every Dutch citizen and covers the main, basic medical care. Every year the Dutch government changes the coverage of the basic healthcare insurance. These changes are made public on ‘Prinsjesdag’ or Little Prince Day, on which the Dutch king gives the ‘troonrede’, an official throne speech revealing the future government policies for the coming year. The most important modifications for the basic healthcare insurance, which will apply to all healthcare insurances in 2020, are described in this article.

Because the policies change every year, it can be useful to compare different insurances before you take out one. On this page you will find the most important changes in the health care insurance.

Dutch health insurance: most important changes in 2020

In 2020 different aspects of the basic healthcare insurance will change. The most important changes are:

  • Group or ‘collective’ insurances can offer a maximum of 5% discount on the basic healthcare insurance;
  • The average price of the basic healthcare insurance will increase by €28 a year;
  • The deductible excess in 2020 is €385,-;

Healthcare allowance

In 2020 the maximum monthly healthcare allowance is €104,-, although this is exactly calculated for your situation by the dutch tax authority. Factors as your income or capital affect the amount of healthcare allowance you can receive. People with higher incomes will consequently receive less healthcare allowance in 2020. This decrease is due to the fact that the government needs to cut on the healthcare expenses.


The health insurance premium will increase in 2020 with nearly € 28,- a year. How much you’ll exactly pay for your insurance depends on the insurance that you choose. Health insurance companies can determine their own premiums. All the insurance companies will announce their premiums mid-November.

Changes in the basic healthcare coverage

The most important changes in the basic healthcare insurance for students will be explained below. Not all changes are mentioned, for these changes affect only elder people. Those changes are not considered relevant for young students.

  • Full coverage on help programs to help people quit smoking. These programs will focus on treatment of smoke behaviour and make use of complementary medication. In the past the deductible excess would be applied to these costs, from 2020 that won’t be the case anymore;
  • The accommodation allowance will be higher for patients that have to travel far from home;
  • New medication will be added to the basic healthcare insurance, for example abemacicilib and durvalumab for cncer treatment;
  • Medication previously removed from the basic healthcare insurance will be covered again, for example the medicine Fampyra for treatment of Multiple Sclerose.

Deductible excess

The deductible excess has been constantly increasing, a trend that does not continue in 2020. The deductible excess will stay the same € 385,- in 2020. You can also increase your deductible excess voluntarily in 2020: you can choose to increase your deductible excess by a maximum of € 500,-. The total potential amount of the deductible excess next year (including the voluntary deductible excess) is € 885,-.

Collective insurances

In 2020 collective insurances can only offer a maximum of 5% discount on the Dutch basic health insurance. Discounts in the past could be as high as 10%. Insurance companies will now use this money to equally reduce premiums for all clients, not just the collective.