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Changes in Dutch healthcare insurance for 2016

The basic healthcare insurance is obligatory for every Dutch citizen and covers the main, basic medical care. Every year the Dutch government changes the coverage of the basic healthcare insurance. These changes often come down to reducing compensation for healthcare treatments. The most important modifications for the basic healthcare insurance, which will apply to any healthcare insurance in 2016, are described in this article.

Because the policies change every year, it can be useful to compare different insurances before you get one. On this page you will find the most important changes in the health care insurance for 2016.

Most important changes

In 2016 the basic healthcare insurance will change slightly.
The most important changes are:

  • The obligatory deductible excess increases from € 375,- to € 385,-;
  • The price of the basic healthcare insurance will increase by €7 a month;
  • You won`t receive any compensation for dyslexia treatment

Healthcare allowance

In 2016 the way the healthcare allowance is calculated by the government changes. This will also affect the amount of healthcare allowance you can receive. People with higher incomes will receive less healthcare allowance in 2016. This decrease is due to the fact that the government needs to cut on the healthcare expenses.


The health insurance premium will increase in 2016 with nearly € 92,- a year. How much you’ll exactly pay for your insurance depends on the insurance that you choose. Health insurance companies can determine their own premiums. All the insurance companies will announce their premiums mid-November.

  • Health insurance companies are given more responsibility with regard to long term healthcare.
  • Employers have paid too much premium for their employees in recent years and the employees are now compensated for that. The income-related contribution (to be paid by employers, pensioners and self-employed) goes down by 0.20 percent to 6.75 percent.

There are some insurance companies that have already indicated that the profit they have made in 2015 will be used for a slightly lower premium in 2016. The two main reasons for this increase are:

Long term health care

In 2015 the system of long term health care changed. The government is completely changing the rules and arrangements that regulate this type of care. The changes consisted in:

  • Long-term care is now the responsibility of health insurance companies instead of the government. As a result, the premium that everyone pays for health care insurance rises.
  • The Social Support Act (WMO) is shifted from the central government to municipalities. The municipalities will receive 40 million Euro to develop this care.
  • The personal budget (PGB) is no longer charged to the account of the patient, but the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) will make payment directly to the health care providers.

Deductible excess

The deductible excess is constantly increasing, a trend that continues in 2016. The deductible excess will be € 385,- in 2016. Not a mind blowing increase, however on an annual basis you pay an extra € 15,-. You can also increase your ‘risk’ voluntarily in 2016: you can choose to increase your deductible excess by € 500,-. The total potential amount of the deductible excess next year (including the voluntary deductible excess) is € 885,-.

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