Covered Abroad travel insurance

Covered Abroad travel insurance

The travel insurance company Covered Abroad specializes in travel insurances for young people who are planning to travel abroad for a longer period of time, for example for a backpack-trip or to study in a different country. The Dutch office of Covered Abroad is located in Maastricht, but you can easily contact the staff online and arrange all your insurance matters through the website. Covered Abroad is part of HRC International and therefore has many years of experience.
The packages Covered Abroad offers are specially tailored for long trips abroad.

Please visit the website of Covered Abroad to get a quote for a travel insurance online.

Advantages Covered Abroad

  • Pay the insurance by the day
  • No administrative fees
  • 24/7 emergency number

Disadvantages Covered Abroad

  • No coverage in the country of origin
  • Only a worldwide coverage is possible

Travel insurance for medical expenses

Coverage: Package #1 Package #2
Medical costs total Max. € 250.000,- Max. € 1.500.000,-
Hospital and doctor 100% compensation 100% compensation/td>
Dentist care (emergency) € 200,- per incident € 200,- per incident
Medical transport and flight 100% compensation 100% compensation
Medicine (prescribed) 100% compensation 100%
Price € 1,06 a day € 1,23 a day

When you are planning a long trip abroad the travel insurance Covered Abroad offers is a perfect choice. You pay the insurance for each day that you are travelling. The insurance offers coverage for many important things, such as hospital care and medical transportation. You will receive compensation up to the maximum amount that the package of your choice offers. Sport related injuries are also included in the coverage. If you want coverage for luggage and liability, you will have to purchase a different package in addition.

Travel Insurance liability and luggage

Coverage: Package
People and property damage Max. € 2.000.000,-
Damage and theft of luggage Max. € 1.500,-

Covered Abroad also offers a package that covers liability and luggage. You can purchase this package together with a package for medical expenses or on it`s own. With this package you are insured for legal help in case of liability (damage to people as well as belongings) and for damage to luggage (smartphone, computer, tickets, money and surf gear excluded). Being insured for liability can be obligated in order to obtain a visa for countries such as Australia and the United States.

Extra services Covered Abroad

As a client of Covered Abroad you can use the following services:

  • 24/7 emergency number
  • A personal online account (so you can access your insurance documents anywhere in the world)
  • An online database with information about doctors abroad
  • You`ll never have to pay a medical bill upfront

Discounts Covered Abroad

Covered Abroad offers some financial advantages:

  • You don`t have to pay an administration fee
  • You pay the insurance by the day
  • You have an online account so Covered Abroad is paperless. Therefore you won`t have to pay any costs for receiving the policy at home.

Contact Covered Abroad

Phone +31 43 351 0065
Address Hertogsingel 104 – 6214AG Maastricht

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