CZ was founded in 1930 in Tilburg. Today, CZ has more than 3.3 million customers and can be considered one of the largest health insurers in the Netherlands. Since 2009 CZ is responsible for the health insurances of Ohra. For that reason, it is possible for policyholders at CZ to get a life insurance at Ohra.

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Especially for students, CZ has Student insurance which is called CZdirect. With CZdirect you get cheap and adequate insurance that fits the needs of (young) students.

Basic healthcare insurance of CZ

With the basic package of CZdirect students can get several contraceptives reimbursed, until the age of 21. Also, the use of medication will be (partly) refunded. In addition, psychological treatment is covered as well as emergency care abroad.

Supplementary Insurances

At CZdirect you can choose from three additional packages.

With this “Budget” package contraception, physio-therapeutic assistance, purchase of glasses or contact lenses and travel vaccinations are covered.

In addition to the “Budget” package, the “Basic” package covers the use of alternative medicine. Finally, you also get dental care in both the Netherlands and abroad (partially) refunded.

With this package, you get a boost of “extra” coverages. This gives you extra allowances on dental care and physiotherapy.

Advantages of CZ

With CZdirect you can easily ask all your questions and arrange your declarations online through the website. Moreover, with CZdirect you can construct your own package, as a result, you only pay for the things you think you need. Additionally, CZdirect offers a so-called transfer service, with this service they will help you to end your current insurance so you can easily switch to CZdirect.

Discounts at CZ

With insurance at CZdirect you can make use of several discounts. For instance, you can get a discount on a visit to the sauna and at several opticians, you can get a discount on the purchase of glasses or contact lenses. Moreover, there are many fitness centres connected to CZdirect. At these fitness centres, you can get a discount on your membership. Visit the website of CZdirect for the complete, current list of discounts.

Contact CZ

For more information about the student insurance from CZdirect you can visit their website: website of CZdirect. On the website you can also chat with an employee of CZ to ask all your questions. You can do this every monday to friday from 8.30 – 17.30.

If you prefer to contact the company by telephone, you can give them a call at (013) 593 84 00. You can call them from monday to friday from 8.30 to 17.30. You can also fill out an online contact form. Within two working days you will receive a response from CZdirect.