Dental insurance

In the Netherlands the dentists operate according to official regulations and they work with modern equipment. Therefore you will not have to be afraid to visit a dentist in the Netherlands. On this page we provide you with some practical information about the Dutch dental care and dental insurance. For example information about the rates, the different types of practices and the additional insurances can be found on this page.


The Dutch population tends to visit their dentist regularly, approximately twice a year. Moreover, in the Netherlands the majority of the dental practices are private. State practices are not very common. In small cities the practices generally contain one dentist and an assistant. In bigger cities, larger practices can be found which often contain various dentists, assistants and sometimes even dental hygienists.


In the Netherlands the dentistry is privatized and therefore basic health care insurances do not offer extensive coverage. Some medical exceptions are covered, for the exact coverage you can check your basic insurance policy.

Additional insurance

Most of the dental care that you will probably need is not covered in the basic package. Therefore it might be wise to take out an additional dental insurance. With this additional insurance up to 100% of the dental costs can be covered. For an overview of the exact coverage you will have to consult the policy terms of the dental insurance of your insurance company.

It is up to you if you would like to apply for an additional dental insurance. If you have a healthy set of teeth then it might be more favourable (and cheaper) to carry the risk yourself instead of paying for an additional dental insurance. To give you an indication; the costs for a yearly check-up normally vary between €20 and €45.

How to find a dentist?

In the Netherlands we often see dental practices reaching their full capacity. No need to worry, especially in the big cities there are still possibilities to find a reliable dentist. You can do research online to find out if the dentist in your neighbourhood still takes in new clients. The rates are regulated by the Dutch government (De Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit, NZa),however technical costs can differ. Also opening hours and their ‘specialities’ can differ. For that reason it is wise to compare several practices before you opt for one in particular.