FBTO was established in 1956. Nowadays FBTO belongs to Achmea, which is one of the largest insurance providers in the Netherlands. FBTO currently has over 500,000 clients. At FBTO, clients can choose from many different insurance policies at very low premiums.

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Basic healthcare insurance

With the basic package of FBTO you’re covered for basic medical care. For instance, medicines, physician consults and possible hospitalization are covered. In addition to this basic package you can get supplementary insurances.

Supplementary Insurance

At FBTO you can choose to add coverages to your basic package with several additional insurances (modules). The insurances are seperated in categories, for example ‘Muscles and Joints’ covering physiotherapy and other forms of exercise therapy. By carefully selecting the desired supplementary insurances you prevent over insurance.

Additional modules

You could for instance choose for an additional dental insurance. Also an additional ‘Muscles and Joints’ (physiotherapy) or ‘Accident’ (accident insurance) package can be of interest to you.

Applying en ending

You can apply for these extra’s all year long and switch them on and off. Moreover, you can also cancel these packages whenever you want. In that way you will never pay too much for your insurance. For an overview of all the additional insurances you can visit the website of FBTO.

Advantages at FBTO

At FBTO you can get a fairly priced, high quality insurance. Furthermore, with the switch support service of FBTO you can easily switch to another insurer.

Discounts at FBTO

When you have opted for a student health care insurance at FBTO, you can make use of several discounts.

Health and Fitness
FBTO stimulates a healthy lifestyle. At several fitness facilities you can get a discount on your membership.

Glasses and lenses
At ‘Specsavers opticians’ you can get attractive discounts on the purchase of new glasses or contact lenses. For a complete, current overview of all the discounts you can visit the website of FBTO.

Contact FBTO

For all the information about the insurances of FBTO you can visit their website: www.fbto.nl. On this website you can fill out a contact form for your questions or comments.

If you prefer to contact FBTO by phone you can call an employee by calling (058) 234 56 78, very day of the week from 08.00 to 21.00. On Saturday you can call them from 09.00 to 14.00.

You can also use Twitter to contact the FBTO team, you can send your Tweet to @FBTOwebcare.

You can find more information on the website of FBTO

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