Healthcare insurance companies

There are many different health care insurance companies in the Netherlands. These insurance companies offer the same basic packages. However, they offer different policy terms, supplementary insurances and handle different premium rates.
Because of the wide variety of Dutch health care insurance companies, it’s more difficult to make a decision. How do you figure out which insurance company best meets your needs? To help you make this decision we’ve made a selection of the most important Dutch healthcare insurance companies.


The following questions will be answered for each insurance company: – What does the basic healthcare insurance consist of? – What supplementary insurances do they offer? – What special advantages does the insurance company have? – What discounts does the insurance company offer? – How can I contact the insurance company?



Anderzorg is part of Menzis, the third-largest health insurance company in the Netherlands. Anderzorg is especially focussing on students and young people. They offer very low premium rates. This however results in a lower service level, for example, you have to arrange all your insurance matters online or by using the Anderzorg App. Read more about Anderzorg.

website of Anderzorg



CZDirect belongs to CZ (Centraal Ziekenfonds). CZ is the second largest health care insurance company in the Netherlands. Since the year 2009 CZ is also responsible for the health care insurances of OHRA. CZDirect is specifically aimed at young people and students. They offer attractive premium rates and good coverage. Read more about CZdirect

website of CZdirect



FBTO (Friese Boeren en Tuinders Onderlinge) is part of Achmea, nowadays one of the largest health care insurance companies. FBTO is offering clients a wide variety of insurance policies at very low premium rates.
website of FBTO



OHRA (Onderlinge Ziektekostenverzekeringsfonds van Hoogere Rijksambtenaren) is part of Nationale Nederlanden. OHRA offers a proper health care insurance at a reasonable premium rate. Furthermore, OHRA can be called a ‘direct writer’. This means that it offers its packages and services directly to the client. Read more about OHRA

website of OHRA

Zilveren Kruis


Zilveren Kruis is part of Achmea, one of the largest health insurance companies in The Netherlands. Zilveren Kruis allows you to choose from a variety of health care insurances. Especially for students they offer a health care insurance with a low monthly premium. Read more about Zilveren Kruis

website of Zilveren Kruis