Student liability insurance

Student liability insurance

In the Netherlands it is very normal to have a liability insurance (aansprakelijkheidsverzekering). More than 90% of all the Dutch citizens have this insurance. With this liability insurance you are covered against the damage you unintentionally cause to another person and that you have to compensate. On this page you can find the most important information about a liability insurance in the Netherlands.

What is a liability insurance?

In the Netherlands you are by law responsible for the damage you made to another person due to an accident or a mistake. You can protect yourself against these financial implications by getting a liability insurance. If you unintentionally caused damage to another person, your insurance agency will deal with the claim. So you don’t have to deal with this yourself. This will not only save you money, but also time and the hustle.

What is covered by a liability insurance?

Three types of damage
This insurance will cover three types of damage:

  • Physical damage
  • Material damage
  • Mental damage

Other kinds of costs are covered:

  • Legal proceedings
  • Research of experts
  • The completion of the claim

Damage caused by your pets:

  • Most of the Dutch insurers also cover the damage caused by your pets

Amount of money

Amount of money that is covered In general you can choose between coverage of three different amounts:

  • 500.000 euro’s
  • 1.000.000 euro’s
  • 2.500.000 euro’s

These amounts can differ between the different insurance companies.

Examples of situations that are covered

Generally, the following situations are covered by a liability insurance:

  • If you accidentally break something during home improvements at your friends house.
  • When your dog makes damage at the bank of your neighbour.
  • If a friend of yours stays at your house and breaks something.
  • If you make damage during volunteering.

Things that are not covered

Generally, the following things are not covered by a liability insurance:

  • Damage that is caused intentionally
  • Damage that is sexual related
  • Damage caused by a car, motorcycle or moped
  • Damage caused by molest
  • Damage caused by boats
  • Damage caused by airplanes

The premium you have to pay

The amount of premium that you have to pay depends on a number of things, for example:

  • Your family situation.
  • The amount of excess you choose. The excess is the part of the claim that you have to pay yourself.
  • The amount of money you choose that is covered

In general you can say that the average premium is between 20 Euro and 50 Euro a year.

Compare the terms and conditions

The coverage and the terms and conditions can differ between the liability insurance companies. Therefore, we recommend that you always compare different insurances and carefully read the terms and conditions of the policies before making a decision.

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