Coverage abroad

The moment you make a short trip abroad or stay there for a longer period of time in connection with, for example, your studies, it is important to find out whether your liability insurance is also valid across the border. In other words: to what extent does your liability insurance offer coverage when you stay in Europe or another continent? Even if you have not taken out a liability insurance yet, this is an important point of attention when making your choice.

Liability insurance?

A liability insurance offers coverage against damage that you have accidentally inflicted on someone else’s or other people’s personal property. Imagine: during your camping holiday with a number of friends, the barbecue accidentally falls over. The hot coals fall against the neighbors’ tent, the tent immediately catches fire. Just a little remains of the tent and the properties present within it. Now that you are at the campsite in a foreign country , the question arises as to whether your liability insurance does compensate this damage (under the same circumstances).

Is your liability insurance valid across the border?

In most cases, Dutch liability insurers do not make a distinction between damage to third parties in the Netherlands or abroad via the existing liability insurance. At Centraal Beheer, for example, you are insured under all circumstances for damage up to an amount of € 1,000,000. Whether the damage is caused in Giethoorn or in Madrid. At FBTO this “basic amount” is € 1,500,000. If you find coverage at Central Management too limited, it can be expanded to € 2,500,000. It is therefore not necessary to take a supplementary insurance out.

Maximum reimbursement

However, certain insurers apply a different policy for a number of continents. Particularly when you travel to the United States or Canada, you may be faced with a maximum reimbursement from certain insurers. The underlying reason is that millions of claims are regularly submitted in these continents. Nevertheless, there are Dutch insurers who do not make a distinction between the different continents and the claim culture present there.

An example: the liability insurance of insurer X offers you a coverage of € 2,000,000 when a damage event takes place in the Netherlands. When you travel to the United States or Canada, the policy conditions state that this coverage falls to € 1,000,000. In the policy terms and conditions you can find out to what extent your insurer compensates the damage when you go abroad and whether this differs per continent.


The choice of a certain liability insurer depends on various factors, such as the desired coverage and the level of the premium. Compare the different insurers and insurance policies with each other to find an affordable liability insurance policy that matches your personal situation.

To help you on your way in this search, we have put together a top 5 liability insurers. The insurance policies are compared on the basis of coverage ratio, premium, customer service and any student discount.