OHRA was founded in 1925 and is part of the Nationale Nederlanden group, one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands. When you get an insurance at OHRA you will receive professional and personalized services.

OHRA offers its services and packages directly to the client. Therefore, OHRA is called a “direct writer”. Besides the many insurances which OHRA offers, you also have the opportunity of opening a bank account at OHRA.

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Basic health insurance

As a student you probably want to get proper healthcare insurance without paying too much for it. At OHRA you can easily get yourself an attractive insurance. The OHRA basic health insurance reimburses all those things that the Dutch government has made compulsory. However, this might not cover all the health care you need. Therefore, you can extend your basic package with several additional packages.

Supplementary insurances at OHRA

At OHRA you can choose from four different supplementary insurance packages.

OHRA Sterk (Strong)
With this additional package you can get a contribution for psychotherapeutic treatment (up to 9 treatments a year) covered. Birth control for women of 21 years and older is also completely covered.

OHRA Aanvullend
With this supplementary package you get additional coverage on for example glasses and lenses (up to €50 each 2 years), contraception and physiotherapy (4 treatments a year).

OHRA Extra Aanvullend
With this supplementary package you get extra additional coverage on the above mentioned health affairs, for example glasses and lenzes (up to €50 each 2 years), alternative medicine and physiotherapy (9 treatments a year).

OHRA Uitgebreid
The most extensive supplementary package of them all. High coverage on a variety of (health related) treatments like physiotherapy, contraception, (alternative) medicine, vaccination and medical care abroad.

OHRA Dental insurance

Looking for extra dental coverage in your health care insurance? OHRA offers three different supplementary packages: Tand Sterk, TandenGaaf 250 and TandenGaag 500. With OHRA TandenGaaf 500 you can get up to €500,- coverage a year!

Advantages OHRA

OHRA offers adequate coverage for a reasonable price. You can choose the package that best fits your needs. Moreover, sent declarations are quickly processed and OHRA offers discounts on several services and products (eye-lasering, travel vaccinations and a day to a wellness resort (sauna)).

Extra services OHRA

Declarations can immediately be sent online or can be submitted through the OHRA declaration app. The app also provides clear information about coverage, the moment you need it!

Discounts OHRA

We’ve already mentioned some discounts that OHRA offers: magazine subscriptions, eye-lasering treatments, a relaxing day in the sauna or travel vaccinations.

Contact OHRA

You can contact OHRA at any time online through the online contact form. You can also make a direct phone call to +31 026 400 4040 monday to friday from 09:00 – 18:00 and saturdays 09:00 – 15:00. Another possibility: use whatsapp (+31 06 201 40 659) and send them a message monday to friday from 09:00 – 21:00! Quick response guaranteed!