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Compare All Dutch Health Insurances (2022)

In the Netherlands, insurance companies handle obligatory excess for their basic insurance. The deductible excess determines the one-off sum of specific health care cost that need to be paid by yourself for that year. In 2022 the obligatory deductible excess is €385,-. Not all costs are submitted to the obligatory deductible excess: for example, basic care like the family doctor can be visited at all times receiving full coverage without paying deductible excess. Once the sum of deductible excess is paid, all health care is hence fully covered.

Voluntary deductible excess

The obligatory deductible excess changes almost every year. The insurance premium that you pay for basic healthcare insurance depends on the voluntary excess you’ve chosen. The higher the voluntary excess, the lower the premium for basic healthcare insurance. You are able to increase your deductible excess with a maximum of €500,-. This will result in a lower premium and a deductible excess of €385,- (obligatory) + €500,- (voluntary) €885,-. Be aware that this means that healthcare insurance will cover less of your expenses if you do need (expensive) treatment. Basic healthcare insurance does not cover all medical treatments and medicines. On top of basic healthcare insurance, it is possible to take supplementary insurance with more coverage specifically for students. Good luck choosing your healthcare insurance!

Freedom of choice

The health insurance companies in the Netherlands often offer a variety of basic health insurances. Although the coverage of all basic packages is exactly the same, the freedom of choice concerning caregivers, like hospitals, can differ. A distinction can be made between the following insurance policies:

Urgent medical care

In case of emergency, limited freedom of choice does not apply. You will be brought to the nearest hospital for immediate care. The freedom of choice concerns planned and non-urgent health care.