ZEKUR is a healthcare insurance for students. It is part of Univé, which was founded in 1999. Focused on students, ZEKUR offers ‘low premium’ insurances. You can even get a combined health, car and home insurance at ZEKUR.

Normal or extra

At ZEKUR you can choose from two different insurance packages; “Normal ZEKUR” or “Extra ZEKUR”. The package Normal ZEKUR is a basic package that includes all the basic care such as medicines and hospital admittance.

The Extra ZEKUR package includes several extra’s. When you opt for this package you will receive several additional insurances such as additional healthcare insurance for expensive treatments abroad, dental insurance and travel insurance.

ZEKUR home Insurance

Besides its healthcare insurances, ZEKUR also offers home insurances for students. This insurance is also divided into normal and extra insurance packages. With normal home insurance, you get furniture insurance and liability insurance. With the Extra Insurance, this package is extended with travel insurance, legal aid insurance and accident insurance.

ZEKUR Car Insurance

You can also insure your car at ZEKUR. Again this insurance is divided into two types of packages, Normal and Extra. With the Normal package, you are insured for legal liability which is obligatory in the Netherlands. When you get this insurance with ZEKUR, you are also insured abroad. You can extend this package with breakdown assistance and legal aid.

With the Extra package you will receive all the above mentioned but in addition, you are also insured for the damages caused to your car by others. This package can also be complemented with the breakdown assistance and legal aid.

Advantages of ZEKUR

The advantages of insurance at ZEKUR is that they handle very low premiums for their insurances. This makes the packages very economical thus interesting for students. Moreover, their terms and conditions are very clear and easily accessible. At ZEKUR you can easily apply for insurance through their website.

Contact information ZEKUR

The website of ZEKUR is www.zekur.nl. Through this website, you can submit your declarations. Questions can be e-mailed to alzekur@unive.nl and every working day from 8.00 to 21.00 you can call them on the telephone number 0900-2593587. On Saturday they are available from 9.00 to 13.00.