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Zilveren Kruis is one of the largest health care insurance companies in the Netherlands. More than 2,5 million people have Zilveren Kruis insurance. The company belongs to the insurance company Achmea, which belongs to the international organisation Eureko.
Zilveren Kruis offers special health care insurance for students, consisting of a group discount for students in higher education. This insurance has a lower monthly premium than the regular insurances Zilveren Kruis offers.

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Basic healthcare insurance

Zilveren Kruis offers three different basic packages, each with different levels of service and different amounts of premium. You are free to choose the package that most fits your needs.

Beter Af Selectief Policy
This package offers the lowest premium. However, this results in a lower level of service too. You will have to arrange most things online by yourself and you can only choose from a limited amount of health care providers. For example, this means that you have to arrange your medical prescriptions online.

Beter Af Policy
Choose between a wider range of health care providers and be assured of a high service level, that best characterizes the Beter Af Policy. For example, you can directly pick up your medication in your local pharmacy and you are entitled to free care mediation. The coverage is the same as in the Beter Af Selectief package.

Beter Af Exclusief Policy
This package delivers the highest service level possible. Of course, this reflects in the monthly premium you’ll have to pay. You will get your own health care consultant, who helps you with any questions you might have. The additional services consist of health care mediation, second or third opinions of medical specialists and an annual preventive check-up. The coverage is the same as in the packages mentioned above.

Supplementary packages

If the care you need is not covered by your basic package, you can check if any of the supplementary packages is of interest to you.

De Beter Af Plus Policy 1 Star
This supplementary package offers you 6 covered visits to the physiotherapist. Furthermore, it covers vaccinations and the full additional costs of urgent medical care during trips abroad.

De Beter Af Plus Policy 2 Stars
This package offers the same treatments as described in the Beter Af Plus Policy 1 Star with higher maximum coverage. Also, you are entitled to for example compensation for glasses and contact lenses.

De Beter Af Plus Policy 3 Stars
This package offers the same treatments as described in the Beter Af Plus Policy 2 Stars but with higher maximum coverage.

De Beter Af Plus Policy 4 Stars
In order to apply for this supplementary insurance, you will need to do a medical test. It covers the above-mentioned expenses without maximum coverage. Furthermore, it completely covers the costs of physiotherapy. However, if you had 20 visits or more the last year you can only choose between the first three packages.

Dental insurance

The Beter Af Tandarts Policy covers dental costs until a certain level. Just like the supplementary insurances Zilveren Kruis offers, you can choose between 1 to 4 stars. A higher amount of stars will give you a higher maximum coverage of dental costs.

Discounts Zilveren Kruis

As a student you are entitled to various discounts on your insurance. Zilveren Kruis cooperates with national student associations, like Landelijke Studenten Vakbond (LSVB). Through these organisations, it’s possible to get group insurance with discounts up to 10%.

Contact information

For more information about the health care insurances of Zilveren Kruis you can go to their website. The website also provides a form by which you can ask your questions.

It is also possible to call on working days between 8:00 and 18:00. The number is 0900-9674. If you have decided to apply for insurance it is better to call 071-7510025.

If you would like to pay a visit to their office, you can look for one of the service points on their website.

You can find more information on the website of Zilveren Kruis